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Translucent Stackable Buttons

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Set of translucent stackable buttons and laces in four shapes and six colours. Stack, thread or use on a light panel. Also use for sorting and counting. Set contains 144 buttons and 12 laces, as well as a handy storage tub.

Size of button: approx. 45mm | Lace length: 600mm


SKU: 73071 | AGE: 3 years +

Set of assorted translucent stackable buttons and laces. Four geometric shapes and six colours, each with 1, 3 or 5 holes in the centre. Use on a light panel, as well as for sorting and counting. In addition, use to develop fine motor skills by stacking or threading. Set contains 144 buttons, 12 laces and also includes a handy storage tub.

What the PPS Award testers said:

“A good resource that can be used in a variety of ways by children, incorporating a number of areas of learning. our children enjoyed using these as a new lacing activity and stacked them together. They also used the light table to explore colour changes when colours are mixed. We liked the range of colours and shapes.”

Size of button: approx. 45mm | Lace length: 600mm

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