Sugar Paper Stack: Off White A2 (500)/A3 (750) /A4 (1500) - Play Empire
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Sugar Paper Stack: Off White A2 (500)/A3 (750) /A4 (1500)

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Sugar Paper Stack: Off White A2 (500)/A3 (750) /A4 (1500)

This asst pack of sizes is a good bulk pack of white sugar paper. Ideal for backing paper, general cutting and sticking or even as a value paining paper. There are 3 sizes in each pack A4, A3 and A2 making this a good overall sugar paper bulk pack.

SKU: EDMX-E1585 | AGE: Refer to packaging

Sugar Paper Stack: Versatile Off White Assortment – The Ultimate Bulk Pack for Creative Endeavors

Elevate your classroom’s artistic potential with our comprehensive Sugar Paper Stack, featuring an all-inclusive assortment of off-white sugar paper in A4, A3, and A2 sizes. This bulk pack is a must-have for educators and students alike, blending versatility with quality to cater to a myriad of creative needs. We also offer a Asst Sugar Paper Bulk Pack

Key Features:

  • Assorted Sizes for Every Project: With 500 sheets of A2, 750 sheets of A3, and 1,500 sheets of A4, this pack offers a size for every creative task.
  • High-Quality Paper: Our sugar paper is durable and suitable for various artistic applications, from backing paper to intricate cut-outs.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a range of activities, including cutting, sticking, and even as a value option for painting projects.
  • Generous Quantity: The bulk pack ensures you always have enough paper on hand for spontaneous creativity or planned projects.


  • Encourages Creativity Across Ages: Suitable for different age groups, our paper stack meets diverse needs from simple kindergarten art projects to more complex primary school creations.
  • Developmental Tool: Engaging with art using different paper sizes aids in the development of fine motor skills and cognitive abilities in children.
  • Cost-Effective: Large quantity and varied sizes make this an economical choice for schools and nurseries, ensuring maximum value.
  • Eco-Conscious Option: Made with sustainability in mind, our paper is an environmentally friendly choice for your art supplies.

The Sugar Paper Stack in Off White is not just paper; it’s the foundation for creativity, learning, and exploration in art. Perfect for any classroom setting, this bulk pack is your go-to resource for nurturing young talents and imaginations.

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