Sugar Paper Stack: Assorted Colours A2 (500)/A3 (750) /A4 (1500) - Play Empire
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Sugar Paper Stack: Assorted Colours A2 (500)/A3 (750) /A4 (1500)

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Sugar Paper Stack: Assorted Colours A2 (500)/A3 (750) /A4 (1500)

This bulk pack of asst sugar paper is ideal for nurseries and schools. 3 sizes A4, A3 and A2. Perfect for general crafts, backing paper.

SKU: EDMX-E1576 | AGE: Refer to packaging

Sugar Paper Stack: Assorted Colours A2 (500)/A3 (750) /A4 (1500)

Sugar Paper Stack: A Rainbow of Possibilities – Assorted Colours in A2, A3, & A4 Sizes

Transform your classroom into a vibrant hub of creativity with our Sugar Paper Stack, featuring an array of colours in A2, A3, and A4 sizes. This extensive pack is the perfect addition to any educational setting, offering a diverse range of hues to inspire and engage young minds in artistic adventures.

Key Features:

  • Colourful Variety: With 500 sheets in A2, 750 in A3, and 1500 in A4, each size comes in an assortment of colours to spark imagination.
  • Multi-Size Convenience: Cater to every project need with three different sizes – large A2 for big ideas, A3 for medium-sized creations, and A4 for smaller works.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a multitude of creative activities, including drawing, painting, cutting, and crafting.
  • Abundant Supply: The generous quantity in each size ensures a steady supply of colourful paper for all classroom activities.


  • Fosters Creativity and Learning: The variety of colours and sizes stimulates children’s creativity and helps them learn about colour theory and artistic expression.
  • Developmental Support: Handling different sizes of paper aids in the development of fine motor skills and spatial awareness in children.
  • Economical for Schools and Nurseries: The bulk pack format offers an economical solution for educational institutions, providing ample materials for various projects.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Produced with an eye on sustainability, this paper is an environmentally responsible option for your art and craft supplies.

Our Sugar Paper Stack in Assorted Colours is more than just paper; it’s a key resource in fostering artistic expression, educational development, and joyful exploration in the world of art. An essential for every educational environment, this pack is designed to bring colour, fun, and learning to every creative venture.

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