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Stitched Sleep Mats


Welcome to Play Empire, where we bring you the finest Stitched Sleep Mats in the UK. We firmly believe in providing nurseries with the highest quality sleep mats available.

Our team designs and manufactures these durable sleep mats right here in the UK. They are built to last, ensuring years of reliable use. When not in use at the nursery or playgroup, each mat conveniently folds into three sections for easy storage. The outer material of our Stitched Sleep Mats is soft and comfortable, ensuring a restful sleep for children. It is also designed to be easily cleaned with antibacterial spray, promoting a hygienic environment.


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Welcome to Play Empire

Firstly, explore the finest Stitched Sleep Mats for nurseries, uniquely available in the UK. We excel in providing premium sleep mats, perfect for young children’s nap times.

Quality and Durability

Furthermore, our UK-based team expertly crafts durable nursery sleep mats. We ensure they stand the test of time, offering years of dependable use. Whether in a nursery, playgroup, or daycare, each mat folds into three sections for easy storage.

Softness for Comfort

Additionally, we prioritize children’s comfort. The soft, plush outer material of our mats ensures a restful sleep for toddlers and young children.

Easy Cleaning and Hygiene

Moreover, maintaining a germ-free environment is a breeze. The mats are easy to clean with antibacterial spray, ensuring a hygienic space. Accidents, especially during nap time, are no problem. Our Stitched Sleep Mats resist water, protecting against spills and stains.

Perfect Dimensions

Similarly, with dimensions of 58cm in width, 117cm in length, and 3cm in thickness, each mat offers ample space for a comfortable rest.

Durability and Trust

In contrast to heat-sealed options, our mats never split at the seam. Heavy-duty grade stitching ensures exceptional durability and a long lifespan.

Easy to Clean

Consequently, ensuring a safe and sanitized surface for every child is easy. The mats are simple to clean with antibacterial sprays.

Choose Play Empire

Opt for the best. Above all, we prioritize comfort, hygiene, and convenience, making our Sleep Mats the top choice for nurseries, daycares, and playgroups.

Trusted by Many

Subsequently, caregivers, teachers, and parents trust us. They recognize the unmatched quality of our products. Shop now and discover why we are the preferred choice of educational institutions and nurseries across the UK.

Discover Our Product Range

In addition, explore beyond our Stitched Sleep Mats. Dive into our extensive range of high-quality nursery essentials. From toys to furnishings, we have everything you need.

The Play Empire Advantage

Choosing Play Empire’s Nursery Sleep Mats brings unparalleled benefits. We guarantee safety, comfort, and durability in every product.

Safety and Comfort First

Significantly, our designs focus on the safety and comfort of young children. The mats are soft, plush, and water-resistant, ensuring a cozy and hygienic nap time.

Built to Last

Furthermore, our nursery sleep mats are durable, capable of withstanding daily use in bustling childcare environments.

Space-Efficient Storage

Lastly, when not in use, the mats fold away neatly. This design maximizes space in nurseries and playgroups.

Trusted by Professionals

We are a trusted name in childcare. In conclusion, countless nurseries and educational institutions across the UK rely on our products.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Overall, we ensure every product we produce meets the highest standards. In doing so, we contribute positively to early childhood experiences.

Invest in the future of your childcare setting with Play Empire’s Stitched Sleep Mats. Elevate your nursery’s sleep provisions today. Provide ultimate comfort and security to the children in your care. Join our community of satisfied customers now.

Stitched Sleep Mats

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