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Numbers and arithmetic symbols – Plastic Cutters

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Numbers and arithmetic symbols – Plastic Cutters

Ideal for any school or nursery classroom. These numbers are a perfect way of children learning about numbers and numeracy in a fun and engaging way. These washable plastic numbers can be used with paint, clay or colour dough.

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Numbers and Arithmetic Symbols – Plastic Cutters: Math Meets Creativity

A Fun and Interactive Way to Explore Numbers and Basic Math

Our Numbers and Arithmetic Symbols – Plastic Cutters set is a fantastic tool for combining math learning with creative play. Ideal for schools and nurseries, these cutters allow children to shape dough, clay, or other materials into numbers and basic math symbols, making learning both fun and hands-on.

Key Features

  • Complete Math Set: Includes cutters for numbers and basic arithmetic symbols.
  • Durable Plastic: Strong enough to withstand regular classroom use.
  • Child-Friendly Size: Easy for small hands to hold and manipulate.
  • Educational Tool: Great for teaching numbers, counting, and basic math.


  • Encourages Math Skills: Helps children learn and practice numbers and simple calculations.
  • Promotes Creativity: Perfect for combining art projects with math learning.
  • Ideal for Group Learning: Sufficient for use by multiple students at the same time.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: Designed specifically for young learners.


Bringing Together Math and Art in a Unique Way Our Numbers and Arithmetic Symbols – Plastic Cutters are more than just educational tools; they’re a bridge between learning and creativity. Essential for any educational environment, they offer a fun, engaging way to introduce young children to the basics of mathematics.

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