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Let’s Roll – Garden Bugs

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Let’s Roll – Garden Bug allows children to explore the natural world through creative play, create hands on habitats and make patterns.

SKU: YD1154 | AGE: 2 years +

Let’s Roll – Garden Bugs offer an imaginative way for children to explore the natural world through creative play. Roll into playdough or clay and stamp with the bugs to create hands-on habitats! Children can count the bees on the honeycomb, match the ladybirds to flowers, and tell stories. As well as experiment using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways.

Let’s Roll – Garden Bugs will improve children’s fine motor skills as they create tactile patterns and beautiful works of art.


  • Contains 6 rollers
  • Made from a real stone and resin mix
  • Safe for 2+
  • Each roller measures 72 x 34mm

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