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Iridescent Flakes Shaker Jars 90g PK04

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Iridescent Flakes Shaker Jars 90g PK04

This is a good alternative to glitter in the seasons of spring and summer. Pastel, iridescent shades are perfect for collage. 7.20

Iridescent Flakes Shaker Jars Pack of 90g: Add a Shimmering Touch to Your Creations

Sparkling Magic in Every Jar

Our Iridescent Flakes Shaker Jars Pack of 90g brings a touch of shimmer and sparkle to your creative projects. Whether you’re in a school, nursery, or letting your imagination run wild at home, this assorted pack offers a captivating world of possibilities. With a variety of iridescent flakes in every jar, you can infuse your art, crafts, and decorations with a mesmerizing touch of magic.

A Spectrum of Sparkling Brilliance

This pack includes an assortment of iridescent flakes in assorted colors, each jar containing a different shade of shimmer. From enchanting purples to radiant blues, and from sparkling pinks to mesmerizing greens, you’ll find the perfect iridescent flakes to match your creative vision. Each color is a celebration of shimmer and shine, elevating your projects to a new level of brilliance.

Versatile and Enchanting

Iridescent flakes are known for their versatility, and this assorted pack is no exception. Whether you’re embellishing cards, adding magic to costumes, or enhancing DIY decorations, these flakes offer endless creative possibilities. They can be sprinkled, adhered, or combined in countless ways, adding an enchanting sparkle to your creations.

Safe, High-Quality, and Captivating

Crafted with safety in mind, our iridescent flakes are made from high-quality materials that meet safety standards. They are free from harmful substances, ensuring they are suitable for artists of all ages. The captivating sparkle and vivid iridescence of these flakes transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art.

Inspiring Creativity and Wonder

Working with iridescent flakes isn’t just about adding sparkle; it’s about infusing your creations with a touch of magic and wonder. These flakes encourage creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Children and artists alike can use iridescent flakes to craft fantastical realms, shimmering scenes, and breathtaking art pieces.

Conclusion: A World of Shimmer and Magic

In conclusion, our Iridescent Flakes Shaker Jars Pack of 90g, with assorted iridescent flakes in every jar, is a treasure trove of inspiration and enchantment. These flakes are like pots of fairy dust, waiting to sprinkle your projects with sparkle and brilliance. With their versatility and captivating iridescence, they are an essential resource for taking your creative ventures to new heights.

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