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Crepe Paper Asst – Std (12pk)

£ 4.80 +VAT

Crepe Paper Asst – Std (12pk)

Asst pack of 10 bright colours. Perfect for general craft activities including cutting and sticking and being generally creative.4.80

SKU: BI0568 | AGE: Refer to packaging

Crepe Paper Assortment – Standard Colors (12pk): Unleashing a Rainbow of Creativity

A Versatile and Colorful Addition to Every Craft Project

Our Crepe Paper Assortment in Standard Colors, featuring a 12-pack collection, is a vibrant and essential supply for any creative endeavor in schools, nurseries, or at home. This assortment offers a rich palette of standard colors, perfect for a wide range of craft and art projects. Each sheet brings its unique burst of color, opening up a world of creative possibilities for children and artists alike.

Vibrant Standard Colors for All Crafting Needs

This pack includes 12 different standard colors, each one bright and vivid. The diverse color selection is ideal for creating eye-catching crafts, decorations, and art projects. From bold reds and blues to lively yellows and greens, these colors are perfect for projects that require a pop of color and visual interest.

Texture That Adds Dimension

The crepe texture of these papers adds an interesting dimension to any craft project. This texture not only enhances the visual appeal of crafts but also provides a unique tactile experience. The stretchable and flexible nature of crepe paper allows for creative expression in shaping, folding, and manipulating, making it ideal for innovative and imaginative creations.

Developing Skills Through Creative Play

Working with crepe paper is an excellent way for children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The act of cutting, shaping, and assembling the paper aids in honing precision and dexterity. Moreover, the array of colors encourages color recognition and stimulates imagination, making crafting with these papers both educational and fun.

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Easy to Work With

Our crepe paper is made with safe, eco-friendly materials, ensuring a secure crafting experience for all ages. The papers are easy to cut, glue, and handle, making them suitable for crafters of various skill levels. This ease of use, combined with the environmental friendliness of the materials, makes these crepe papers a preferred choice for conscious crafting.

Conclusion: A Must-Have for Dynamic and Colorful Crafting

In conclusion, the Crepe Paper Assortment in Standard Colors (12pk) is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to add vibrancy and creativity to their craft projects. Whether for educational purposes or artistic expression, these crepe papers offer a versatile and exciting medium for bringing imaginative ideas to life.

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