Corrugated Border Rolls - 15 Meter - Play Empire
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Corrugated Border Rolls – 15 Meter

£ 2.50 +VAT

Corrugated Border Rolls – 15 Meter

Each single Corrugated Border Roll measures 10cm x 7.5m  with a wavy design which means when split each border roll will give you 15m of border!

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Colour: Canary2.50
Colour: Lilac2.50
Colour: Black2.50
Colour: Brown2.50
Colour: Natural2.50
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Corrugated Border Rolls – 15 Meter: Adding Depth and Dimension to Displays

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Creative and Educational Spaces

Our Corrugated Border Rolls, each measuring an impressive 15 meters, are an essential resource for schools, nurseries, and creative environments. These border rolls are designed to add a professional and polished finish to displays, bulletin boards, and creative projects. The corrugated texture adds depth and dimension, making any display more visually appealing and engaging.

Enhance Displays with Textured Borders

The corrugated design of these border rolls is not just for aesthetics; it also provides a tactile experience. This texture adds an interesting visual element to displays and projects, making them stand out. The rolls are available in various colors, allowing for coordination with different themes and designs. Whether it’s for classroom displays, notice boards, or art projects, these border rolls bring a sophisticated and finished look.

Generous Length for Multiple Projects

Each roll provides 15 meters of border, offering ample material for decorating large areas or multiple projects. This generous length ensures that there is enough border to frame even the most expansive displays or to be used across several different projects, providing continuity and a cohesive look.

Easy to Use and Versatile

The border rolls are designed for ease of use. They can be cut to any length, making them adaptable to different sizes and shapes of displays. The flexibility of the material allows it to curve around corners and edges smoothly, ensuring a neat and professional finish. The rolls are suitable for a variety of settings, including classrooms, corridors, and art rooms.

Durable and High-Quality

Crafted from high-quality materials, these corrugated border rolls are durable and designed to last. They can withstand the wear and tear of a busy educational environment, maintaining their color and shape over time. This durability makes them a practical and economical choice for frequent use.

Conclusion: Elevating Educational and Creative Environments

In conclusion, the Corrugated Border Rolls – 15 Meter are more than just decorative elements; they are a practical and impactful addition to any educational or creative space. By providing a simple yet effective way to enhance displays and projects, these border rolls play a crucial role in creating an engaging and organized learning environment.


Canary, Lilac, Black, Brown, Natural

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