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Animal Friends Sensory Play Set

£ 17.55 +VAT

Promote language and discussion using our new Animal Friends – Sensory Play Set. Sort each animal by colour, habitat and characteristics.

SKU: YD1067 | AGE: 2 years +

Our new Animal Friends – Sensory Play Set will charm the children and are ideal for sensory play. Once discovered children can sort and match the animals by colour, habitat, and characteristics to promote language and discussion. Also why not design and build habitats? A nest for the bird, a river for the fish, an icy ocean for the bear. Children will enjoy creating a personality for each creature, making the set ideal for storytelling activities and small-world play. These engaging animals will be a great springboard to learning. more about life in the wild, what animals are in your own environment and how the children might better care for them.

Click to view habitat ideas: Play Cave, Igloo, Iceberg.


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