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Science & Sensory

Sensory Play is the perfect way of learning through exploration which enables a child to learn through all five senses.

Children of all ages need to feel, see, taste, touch and hear in order to learn. These skills can then develop when the child is ready to read and write, which can be quite demanding and overwhelming for young children who are still learning how to listen and speak.

Most children also have a hard time concentrating for long periods. Sensory play is active and engaging, getting them moving as they explore new textures, tastes and sounds.

Play is very important for a child’s development as it stimulates all the senses and enlarges a child’s perception of his or her surroundings. Children learn through their senses by touching, tasting, seeing emotions on other faces, listening to sounds and talking with others.

Sensory play can develop other areas of a Childs development such as social skills, communication and language skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

Science, directly and indirectly influences all aspects of a Childs everyday life. From the food we eat to the way we get around science is everywhere and it’s important to have a basic understanding. Once you begin to see all the opportunities to learn the relationship between science and critical-thinking skills become apparent.

Beginning when children are very young, science helps shape their development. As they learn to ask questions, make predictions, observe, test and then communicate their findings, they are developing critical science skills and all this can be done in a fun and engaging way.