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Physical Play

Play Empire want to help and encourage active play indoors and outdoors. Products are suitable for Early Years, Nursery and Primary School children. Physical play is also about developing a better sense of balance, increasing hand to eye co-ordination and improving their motor skills, all whilst having lots of fun through physical and active play.

Physical activity promotes early brain development and learning in infants and young children.

Physical play mostly occurs outside and provides children the opportunity to release their energy using vigorous activity and loud voices. We want all children birth to age five as well as school age children to engage in daily physical activity that promotes health-related fitness and movement skills.

Most children naturally develop the ability to run and walk. However, they require practice and instruction to develop hopping, galloping, sliding, catching, jumping, throwing, kicking, bouncing and striking skills. Children incorporate these skills into sports, games and dance. Playgrounds are perfect places for a child to develop mental connections, socialise and develop fine and gross motor skills.

Exercise and physical play can be an individual workout but also as a group or team helping to develop vital life skills like sharing and working as a team to help others.